Dislike - Delete grind Požega

RECORDED: April 2011
TRACKS: 13 tracks
LENGHT: 15 - 18 minutes

DISLIKE - Binary (R)evolution - Endworld
DISLIKE - Binary (R)evolution - Nextworld

To release this album as standalone CD, but also to put it on 12" split LP with death grind band SEPTIC SCUM (Slovenia).

"Del" on CD:
CD expenses will be financed by the band DISLIKE itself but all offers for help or distribution of this CD is appreciated.

"Del" on split LP:
LP expenses will be financed by several labels and featured bands and all copies will be shared rationally.
band Dislike
band Septic Scum
Get High Or Die Records (Slovenia)
DHP AK-47 Records (Croatia)
Twisted Justice (Croatia)
... help still needed!!!

CONTACT: dena@dislikecore.com
WEB: www.dislikecore.com
MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/dislikecore